Bond 25 – Problems shooting and all the info on the next James Bond movie

Once again, Daniel Craig will record it as James Bond with a supervillain. Here you will learn everything there is to know about his 5th adventure as 007.

Next year, Bond 25 is about to launch a new 007 adventure. As always, there are many speculations in advance, but at first only a few tangible information. We have gathered the answers to the most important questions and will update the article if there is new evidence.

When does Bond start 25?
After some shifts, the next James Bond movie is currently starting on 09.04.2020. Originally a start in October 2018 was planned, after the director change (see below), he was postponed to February 2019, because of a revision of the script then again.

What is the title?
The first working title of Bond 25 was Shatterhand. But as the Guardian reports, this is unlikely to be the final title. Shatterhand is a pseudonym that uses super villain Blofeld in the Bond Roman Man only lives twice.

In mid-March, Eclipse emerged as a new working title, as the Bond news site MI6 reported. There is no direct relation to the James Bond novels.

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