Brightburn: The shocking ending and the big James Gunn surprise explains

The end of Brightburn announces not only a horror version of the Justice League, but also surprises with a connection to another horror film by James Gunn.

Attention, spoiler to Brightburn: How would Man on Steel look like a horror movie? An answer to this is provided by James Gunn’s superhero slayer Brightburn – Son of Darkness, who just started a new cinematic universe – the Gunn-iverse? – could be.

What’s up with the surprising cameo at the end and which evil Superfieslinge are indicated, we have taken for you under the magnifying glass.

This happens at the end of Brightburn
Many viewers certainly did not expect this ending. The little Brandon Breyer (Jackson A. Dunn) has surrendered to his dark side, killing his family and parents. To cover up the bloodbath, he even hurls an airplane on his parents’ farm and kills countless people.

Then, during the credits, we get several news clippings and the chaos that will leave Brandon behind. So he destroys houses, burns his character in fields and ignites devastating forest fires. His plan to destroy the world has just begun. Then another surprise follows.

Are Brightburn and Super connected?
As a surprise, in the credits of Brightburn, Michael Rooker appears as a conspiracy theorist, The Big T, who has appeared in several of James Gunn’s films. In a video, Rooker’s character is outraged by the government’s silence, although more and more threatening villains are emerging.

In a graphic behind him, a familiar face is briefly recognizable: the blood-red flash. Gunn fans are all too familiar with this character, personified by Rainn Wilson. Because this was the center of the bloody-brutal superhero movie Super – Shut up, Crime! from the year 2010.

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