Gladiator in Lord of the Rings: Russell Crowe has declined the biggest part of his life

Russell Crowe was originally supposed to play Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings. The fact that the gladiator star rejected the offer of his life but should be due to Peter Jackson.

Russell Crowe is already a successful actor anyway, but the gladiator star once went through a big chunk of money. As has long been known, the Australian rejected the role of Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings films, which was eventually cast with Viggo Mortensen. Now Crowe tells why.

Peter Jackson is responsible for Russell Crowe’s cancellation
In 2011, the 55-year-old said that he would rather have received a fixed salary than a profit sharing. Ten percent were promised Crowe namely for The Lord of the Rings, which is why he should have finally rejected. In conversation with radio legend Howard Stern (via MSN) Crowe should now have meant, but the real reason was Peter Jackson.

So Crowe had the feeling that the director just would not have him and his cast was planned only at the insistence of the studio. Supposedly, he recognized it “in his voice” when Crowe telephoned Jackson.

According to the interview, Crowe should never have thought that the Australian had escaped an amount of nearly $ 100 million. Then the former superstar but then found a good replacement movie: For the 2000 Gladiator Crowe received a starring Oscar.

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