Lucifer Reunion: Star reveals which villain he wants for Season 5

Lucifer has just been extended by a 5th and final season. But which villain would be worthy of the finale? Actor Kevin Alejandro now revealed his sinister proposal for the final boss.

In his fifth and final season, Lucifer not only has to answer a lot of burning questions, but also has to come up with a great villain. But maybe the answer is much closer than expected. At least, if it goes to the wishes of Kevin Alejandro.

Kevin Alejandro hopes goodbye to the very first Lucifer villain

Alejandro, known as Detective Dan Espinoza in Lucifer, spoke in an interview with Metro about his ideas for the big antagonist for the final season. Alejandro’s choice is a nostalgic one, but it makes perfect sense. He wishes a reunion with the first big villain of the series:

I would like to see Kevin Rankin again! He was the final boss in the first season. It would be cool to see what could happen to him that way, after all, this world started with it, right?

Attention, spoiler for Lucifer: Kevin Rankin then embodied the character of Malcolm Graham, a corrupt cop who made something too close acquaintance with hell. After his traumatic experiences beyond death, he almost managed to kill the devil himself had it not been for Chloe Decker (Lauren German). She shot Graham and put an end to his actions.

A return of Malcolm Graham in Season 5 Lucifer would be a logical step
But when it comes to Kevin Alejandro, Malcolm Graham still does not quite finish. In fact, it would be possible to meet him again in hell. Finally, Lucifer sits on the throne there again to rule his empire, and a bad soul like Graham might well have joined Lucifer’s subjects.

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