Men in Black: International – The new alien just annoying animals

In Men in Black: International, the chemistry between Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson is especially good. What on the other hand just annoying, is the new and forced strange Alien Pawny.
For a spin-off, Men in Black: International works amazingly well. Granted, the plot and the animations are not really surprising or imaginative, but the effects make for amusement. The biggest selling point of the film, meanwhile, is the appropriate chemistry between the two main actors Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson.

The witty speech between the MiB agents, however, the viewer could enjoy much better, if it were not the annoying and completely inappropriate Alien Pawny (in the original: Kumail Nanjiani), which babbles in again and again.

That’s why Pawny annoys Men in Black: International
Pawny is artificial and without background and character traits.
His childish humor in the film looks like a foreign object and over the top.
Pawny simply serves as a stooges and misses the irony of Frank, the pug.

Not a good alien sidekick in Men in Black: International
First of all, I have nothing against funny, extra-ethnic sidekicks, if they are well done and really funny. Of course, comedy is not everything. For example, what would Captain Kirk be without his logical-rational Mr. Spock? Or Han Solo without his faithful smuggling buddy Chewbacca? Okay, both characters can stand alone and therefore may not be a good match.

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