Michael Myers returns: Halloween 2 with Jamie Lee Curtis approaching

Last year, Halloween, a direct sequel to the iconic original movie, became a hit. The previously assumed successor finally takes concrete forms.

Horro icon Michael Myers is apparently returning. Already before the theatrical release of Halloween last fall, we reported that another successor of the iconic Slasher series is in the works. Collider now wants to hear new details about the sequel, which explains why. Jamie Lee Curtis and other previously known participants returned.

Below you will find everything worth knowing about Halloween 2.

Halloween 2 returns with old guard next year
According to the report, the start of shooting for Halloween 2 is planned after the American Labor Day, which falls on the 2nd of September this year. Like the predecessor, the film is due to start in the cinemas on time for the Halloween festival.

Accordingly, Universal Pictures plans the US launch of Halloween 2 on 16.10.2020. The day before, the studio had previously reserved for an untitled film by Blumhouse Productions in advance. The company known for its horror substances was already involved in the production of its predecessor. A German launch date is not yet known, but should be timely in the US release.

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