Sandra Bullock Made Bird Box for Kids, Whom She Has Banned From Watching Bird Box

The data needed for this particular challenge bandage will be considerable. Sandra Bullock received her award for the scariest performance at the MTV Film & TV Awards 2019 last night and said her two young children had inspired her to give Netflix a chance with Bird Box while the movie abounded in Mom Bears fashion. The only problem?

Your children are so young that it will take about ten years before they can see. “My kids asked me to do something for them, I knew I had to do it because it was for the family,” said Bullock. “When I finished my film, I went to see my baby and said, ‘Here, mom did it for you, and I know you can not see until you’re 21, but you’ll know that ‘There is nothing that I would not have seen done for you.’

And since we might have been listening to Bullock for hours in the family values ​​monologue (hello, Blindside!), We have some more ideas for you on Tuesday. “The family is the one for whom you fight what you protect,” he said of his children. “No matter what happens, you are my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night, they put me on this earth to protect you, you are my world.” It’s funny, Bullock is also our world.

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