Star Wars 9 – Mark Hamill confirms his return as Luke Skywalker

Star Wars 9: The rise of Skywalker is to complete the central story of the family Skywalker. Mark Hamill has now confirmed how he returns as Luke Skywalker. The most famous representative, played by Mark Hamill, will still have a performance despite his film death.

Attention, Spoiler to the Star Wars series: Fans eagerly wait for Star Wars 9: The rise of Skywalker. The title is a source of wonder, especially as this part of the Star Wars saga, according to producer Kathleen Kennedy, is to complete the central story of the Skywalker family. The Skywalker that started the film series, Mark Hamill aka Luke, has now confirmed that and how he will return to the screen galaxy in episode 9.

Mark Hamill joins Star Wars 9 as Luke Skywalker
It has long been known that Luke, who rarely appeared in Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens and immediately rejoins Episode 9 in Star Wars 8: Blessing the Last Jedi. About the “how?” was discussed wildly. While some of the revival, flashback or cloning went out, Hamill has now confirmed according to comic book the most classic of all variants: The return as a power mind.

Sounds like Hamill has mostly completed the Star Wars franchise. Recently, he had told the Hollywood Reporter, for example, that there is a possibility of Star Wars supersaturation in all planned projects.

Returning as a Force of Power, Hamill is in the best tradition of Jedi legends Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and his father Anakin Skywalker.

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