The Walking Dead: The crazy governor is sorely missed

Today, David Morrissey celebrates his 55th birthday. He is best known for being the governor in The Walking Dead – an antagonist we like to remember.

The British David Morrissey finds it very easy to attract attention in front of the camera with restraint. The embodiment of mysterious, cool figures is his specialty. His facial expressions always betray enough to arouse our interest, never too much, so that it persists. Today the actor turns 55. We use the event as an opportunity to pay homage to his most important role.

In Season 3 and 4 of The Zombies series, The Walking Dead, Morrissey introduced us to a governor who deviated from the popular villain in the comics but was able to effortlessly win over most of his fans. Much time has passed since his serial death and yet there is still a gap where the Governor once zoomed in on his tank with megalomania.

In now 9 seasons, The Walking Dead has seen some antagonists come and go, in fact the series was and is only as good as its current villain. The governor aka Philip Blake aka Brian Heriot we first met as a resolute alpha animal with disturbing collector habits (keyword: severed heads in aquariums) know, later he won in the light of his background story of humanity, without becoming an anti-hero.

The character exuded fascination mainly thanks to its unpredictability. Whenever there was power to obtain and obtain, he put everything on the line and was even willing to sacrifice a whole community. So far, none of his predecessors or successors in The Walking Dead have been so far.

Describing the governor as a wise strategist would probably be an exaggeration, yet he twice managed to put himself at the head of a group of survivors. How far his iron will has brought him is remarkable, but at the same time it was always clear that such a madman like him can not be preserved forever. The departure of the character in season 4 followed with a bang, nothing else would have done justice to her.

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